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The Main Section contains: About OFP, FAQ Central (FAQs - Helpful answers to questions about Email, Image Processing and more); Link Central (Hometown Links - Lebanon and Boone County; Job Search Links - many Central Indiana; Genealogy Links; Family Favorite Links - Lafayette, IN, Fort Myers/North Fort Myers and Bradenton, FL; OFP Website Links - to OFP-designed sites) and more.

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The Owner Section contains: Resumes (HTML, WORD, Text, PDF); Graphics Capabilities (various types of graphics I've created); Authorship (Things I've written - stories, opinions, rants, commentary, etc.); and more.

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The Scams, Shams and More Flim-Flams Section contains information - including analysis and commentary on most - about Scams - including Fraud and Phishing (various scams, especially email scams); Infomercial Information; Urban Legends, Virus Hoaxes and Rumors (including Trivia Lists, Attempted Assassination (of Character), Celebrity Items; Email Stuff; and more) - most with links to where more information can be found.

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The Subweb is LYAO-Online Subweb New Window, an archive of email joke/story-letters of emails I've received, gathered into one email, cleaned up, and send to family, friends and friends of family and friends periodically. I started doing the emails in 1998 & the online archives only contain the first 10% or so (as of 06/2006 - that's still 70 multi-page joke/story-letters). There are also fun links, office documents, images, audio files, etc. Check it out.

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